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Munley Law is the premier trucking law firm in Pennsylvania. Over the past five decades, we have represented hundreds of trucking accident victims and our trucking accident attorneys are dedicated experts in aggressively pursuing the justice our clients deserve.  Each member of our firm has extensive experience in these complex, heavily defended  truck injury cases and we are regularly asked to lecture nationally and internationally on trucking laws. Dan Munley is the former chairman of the Trucking Law Litigation Group for the American Association for Justice and Marion Munley is currently on its executive committee.  Our qualifications in trucking or semi accident law are quite unique as we have handled trucking law suits for decades, and our clients have received millions of dollars in settlements for injuries sustained in their trucking and/or tractor trailer accidents.

The major trucking companies will hire lawyers immediately after a truck accident and have them on the scene the same day, if possible.  You should do the same. The experienced trucking law lawyers at Munley Law know how to preserve all of the important pieces of evidence for you.  They know how to secure the scene of an accident and take necessary photographs and statements. This is very critical because significant pieces of evidence helpful to you can be lost, misplaced or be purposely destroyed by the trucking companies.  Check out our list of frequently asked questions after a truck accident. We have represented many types of large truck accidents including:

Munley Law Has the Best Trucking Accident Lawyers in Pennsylvania.

Our trucking law team is specially trained to assist in the investigation, development, negotiation and trials of truck accident cases. Our truck accident attorneys have won millions of dollars in settlements and trial verdicts, including numerous multimillion-dollar cases. Take a look at some of our settlements and verdicts for victims of truck accidents:

      • $8 Million: Settlement for truck accident
      • $6.9 Million: Settlement when a garbage truck rammed a car
      • $6.5 Million: Settlement to a man brain injured by a garbage truck
      • $3.5 Million: Jury verdict for pedestrian hit by truck
      • $2.8 Million: Settlement for trucking accident
      • $2.8 Million: Settlement for a boy killed by a truck
      • $2.25Million: Settlement for driver of a van involved in accident w truck
      • $1.85 Million: Settlement for fuel tank operator killed in crash with dump truck
      • $1.8 Million: Settlement for tractor trailer accident that caused a woman’s death
      • $1.5 Million: Settlement for woman injured by fatigued truck driver
      • $1.5 Million: Settlement for crash involving newspaper delivery truck
      • $1.3 Million: Jury verdict for Clarks Summit woman in tractor-trailer accident
      • $1 Million: Settlement when a 69 year old man was killed by a tractor trailer.

To see our list of settlements and verdicts for a variety of other cases see . Also, check out our blog articles on trucking accidents.

Choose Your Semi Truck or Trucking Accident Injury Lawyer Carefully

If you or a loved one have been injured in a commercial trucking accident, you need the experienced lawyers of Munley Law to protect your rights. Large trucking companies have their own investigators and attorneys fighting for them, you need someone on your side. Your Choice of Lawyer is Important. So CHOOSE CAREFULLY™ — The Family of Lawyers™ at Munley Law – to protect your rights.

Why Cost is No Object When You Hire The Best Truck Accident Attorney 

Munley Law charges clients of personal injury claims on a contingency basis. What that means is the attorney is only paid if he or she wins money damages for you – the client. This makes it possible for anyone to hire only the best lawyer. It gives everyone access to the justice system and representation that is equal to the best that insurance companies, doctors and other defendants can hire. You can contact the lawyers of Munley Law for a free consultation by calling toll-free at 844-686-5397.

Munley Law Handles Cases For All Different Types of Trucks

The experienced trucking lawyers at Munley Law have handled cases involving all different types of truck accident lawsuits.  We have also represented the drivers of a trucks in truck accident cases, as well as drivers of cars, drivers of buses, passengers of buses and pedestrians that have had accidents with trucks.  Call Munley Law for a free consultation for your trucking accident case today! OR email us online today.

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