Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Munley Law has more than 50 years representing the innocent victims of medical malpractice including military veterans.  Our attorneys have represented people who have sustained injuries from medical doctors, nurses, medical residents, medical technicians and medical devices.  Medical malpractice injuries can happen anywhere: your own doctor’s office, your home or in a nursing home.  The attorneys at Munley Law have handled all types of malpractice claims including ones involving military hospitals and we are prepared to help you with your case today.  Call us right now for a free consultation at 855-866-5529. Our experienced attorneys have won some of the largest settlements and verdicts in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey, and we are ready to fight for you to get you the justice you deserve.

Get Answers to Common Medical Malpractice Questions

As experienced attorneys, we know that while doctors and hospitals do wonderful work most of the time, medical malpractice errors are cause between 44,000 and 98,000 wrongful deaths every year. More people die from medical malpractice than from all car crash deaths. Medication errors alone harm more than 1.3 million persons a year.  

Medical malpractice errors can cause many different types of personal injuries including: birth trauma, brain injuries, paralysis, amputation, disability and disfigurement, infections, misdiagnosis (such as cancer), stroke and other serious injuries and illnesses.

Munley Law has more than 50 years of experience handling medical malpractice cases

Munley Law understands that medical malpractice injuries are devastating to our clients. We have put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you navigate this process and guide you get through this very difficult time.  Additionally, we’re offering you a free case evaluation.  Many medical malpractice claims need to be reviewed thoroughly.  Through the course of time, records may be lost or destroyed and memories fade, so it is important to contact us online now or to call us at 844-686-5397 today.

Your injuries may be the result of negligence from a nurse or a doctor but it may also be as a result of negligence from anyone in the health care filed such as  a lab or x-ray technician or a pharmacist.   You should have an experienced personal injury attorney examine your medical records and help you determine who is the correct party at fault for your malpractice injuries.

Understanding Medical Malpractice in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey

Some examples of medical mistakes are:

Only an experienced attorney  who knows the Pennsylvania medical malpractice laws, the New York medical malpractice laws, the New Jersey medical malpractice laws can effectively prove your claim.  Munley Law’s medical malpractice lawyers have more than 50 years of experience in PA, NY, and NJ and will evaluate your case thoroughly and explore all potential sources of recovery.  Our case evaluations are absolutely FREE and we do not collect a fee unless we win your medical malpractice lawsuit.

Our goal is always to provide  exemplary legal representation to our clients. If you or a loved one has been harmed by a hospital, a doctor’s error, a nurse’s error,  a technician’s error, a medical device, a misdiagnosis, or other form of medical malpractcie, you may have a claim. You may be entitled to receive damages caused to your family for the harm done to you.  The attorneys at Munley Law are experienced, hard working, medical malpractice attorneys and we are fighters on your behalf. Call us today! 844-686-5397.