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The lawyers at Munley Law have a national reputation for being tough fighters in product liability cases.  We have over 50 years experience in helping victims with product liability cases and we are true leaders in helping to get our clients compensated for injuries or death sustained from the use of a defective product.  Whether you are using a household appliance, heavy agricultural or industrial machinery, your car, sporting equipment or even a toy, you should be able to trust that the product you are using is safe and that you have been given proper warning of any risks the product poses.
Many times, manufactures of products are negligent and reckless and put innocent people at risk by putting their defective products out onto the market place.  Thats where our team of  product liability lawyers come in to help you with your product liability lawsuit.  We have had substantial victories for our clients in our product liability cases and we received many seven figure verdicts and settlements for our clients.  We have a proven track record of winning for our clients.  Call us today at 1-855-866-5529 today to get a FEEE consultation or use our online form.   Remember, we work on a contingent fee basis and only recover if we win for you.
When a product is not safe and fails to contain an adequate warning, and you or a family member suffer property damage or personal injury as a result of these defects, you may be entitled to bring a products liability lawsuit. To protect your rights to compensation, you should contact the  experienced Pennsylvania product liability lawyers at Munley Law right away.

Munley Law is the Top Products Liability Law Firm in PA

Our product liability attorneys have successfully represented those who have suffered damages caused by defective products. We understand the complexity of product liability laws and the challenge of proving a case. Research, investigation and skilled litigation can be crucial to success, including the ability to explain to a jury what happened and why through pictures, models, computer animations or expert testimony.  We use the latest technology in all of our cases to help our clients, who have been injured by faulty products, to get the best settlement or jury verdict possible.  At Munley Law, we work as a team, using the collective knowledge of all of our product liability lawyers to make sure that our clients get the justice they deserve.  Use our easy online form  to contact us with your questions or call today at 1-855-866-5529.

Pennsylvania Strict Liability Law May Apply to Your Defective Products Case

 If you have sustained an injury from a faulty or defective product, you may have grounds for a Pennsylvania product liability lawsuit if the defective product was a “substantial factor” in causing your harm. Generally, a product can cause this harm in one of three ways:

  • The product lacked a feature that was needed to make it safe for use or consumption
  • The product contained a feature that made it unsafe 
  • The product lacked warning or instructions about the product’s potential risks

Pennsylvania is a “strict liability” state.What this means is that you don’t need to show that someone’s negligence caused your property damage or personal injury.  Instead, you need to show the existence of the defect and a relationship to the harm it caused you. Anyone in the chain of distribution can be held liable, including manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers or lessors.  Call us today and we can give you a FREE case evaluation.  1-855-866-5529. We only get paid if we win for you!